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Exclusive webinar for OBIAA trade show attendees

In collaboration with our esteemed partner Bell Canada, we invite you to join an exclusive webinar designed specifically for BIAs (Business Improvement Areas) who attended the OBIAA trade show.

Boost Your BIA’s SEO: Strengthen Your Directory and Drive Member Success

Why Attend?

Bell Canada is offering an incredible sponsorship opportunity for BIAs: a FREE website along with 2 years of FREE marketing services. This means you can implement powerful SEO, social, and communications strategies at NO COST and help your members thrive online.

What you’ll learn


Free website & marketing

Take advantage of Bell Canada’s sponsorship offer, providing a free website and two years of free marketing services.

Enhance member success

Equip your members with the tools and knowledge to boost their online visibility and drive economic growth.

Expert guidance

Gain insights from industry experts on the best practices for SEO and digital marketing.

Secure your spot today!


Don’t miss this opportunity to leverage your BIA’s digital assets and empower your members’ online success. Register now and take the first step towards a stronger, more visible online community.

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