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Faster Conversion

Gone are the days of cold calling and sending endless follow-up emails to unresponsive leads. Our Hotlist helps you save time and resources by focusing on the most promising leads, increasing the chances of turning them into actual clients.
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How It Works

How it works

Our Hotlist works by tracking the engagement of potential clients with your content. When a lead engages with your content, such as by clicking on a link, downloading a lead magnet, or watching a video. Our Hotlist takes note of that engagement and begins tracking their level of interest in your business.

A dashboard with all the insights you need

  • Leads: Stay ahead of your prospects with the ability to view the latest 5 entries of custom form submissions directly from the dash board.
  • Social Hub: Enhance your social media management! Not only you can view posts that have already been shared, but now you can also see the posts that are scheduled to be posted.
  • Payments (Webware Invoices): Financial management made easy. Quickly view 2 invoices of each of the statues: unpaid, draft and paid.
  • Conversations: Stay connected with your clients. Access the latest 2 conversations right from the dashboard.
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