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5 Reasons Why You Should Offer Live Chat Support for Your Website

Did you know that 83% of customers require some type of support before completing an online purchase? One way to offer customers a valuable and memorable customer service experience is by offering live chat support on your website. Installing a chat widget on your website allows your customers to open a chat box and instantly connect with your business without leaving the website. For both content and ecommerce websites, using chat to communicate with your customers in real time can be beneficial for your bottom line.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider offering chat on your website:

1. Boost sales.

With the ability to answers questions right away, assist a customer through a purchase, or offer an on-the-spot promotion, live chat can help improve sales numbers. One study showed 44% of respondents agreed being able to use to live chat to ask questions during the ecommerce purchase was one of the most valuable features a website can have. 52% of customers will abandon an online purchase if they can’t find quick answers! Live chat allows you to step in and save a sale that’s about to be abandoned or help a customer decide between you and your competitor. Online chat also provides a great opportunity to up-sell products and ensure repeat customers  63% of respondents who chatted said they were more likely to return to the site, and 62% reported being more likely to purchase from the site again.

2. Offer better customer service.

Chat is an amazing platform to connect with your customers. Chatting in real time can help you quickly identify pain points and understand issues that may be contributing negatively to your business. When it comes to quality service, customers are looking to have their questions answered ASAP. On average, customer queries on chat are answered within 42 seconds! That’s fast! Having an FAQ guide for your customer service reps can further improve response time. In addition to quick answers, the ability to chat in real time with a customer to offer technical assistance or provide a coupon code means you can diffuse negative experiences and retain customers.

3. Online chat is convenient.

Customers now prefer live chat support to phone support. Convenience is one of its most attractive qualities; customers don’t have to leave the website to ask questions about a product or service. They don’t have to open their email or find a phone, or look you up on social media. Customers appreciate a business that values their time and they are likely to show appreciation through word of mouth advertising or repeat sales. Providing convenient service with quality information through live chat support helps strengthen your customer relationships and your business.

4. Reduce customer service expenses.

Case studies show that live chat software can reduce phone and customer support expenses. One employee can handle one phone call at a time. With online chat, the same employee could manage 4-5 chats at the same time, reducing the amount of overall customer service agents needed. Whether your customer service is handled by you or a call centre, the addition of online chat will improve the efficiency of your support team.

5. Build credibility with your customers.

Being able to chat with an employee, or better, the owner of the business, improves credibility with your customers. Using a website can feel impersonal and adding live chat adds a friendly, small business experience that customers appreciate. Ensure your team is trained and  equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide a valuable customer service experience. Maintain credibility by providing customers with quick answers that are relevant and easy to understand. Once you implement online chat as a customer service option, keep regular live chat hours and respond to any offline queries right away.


A live chat strategically located on your website can help your business build a strong rapport with customers. Most live chat services offer the ability to chat right from your mobile so it’s easy for small business owners to stay connected. Zopim, LiveChat Inc, Olark and Intercom all offer live chat platforms for websites. Get connected with your customers and start reaping the benefits of online chat for your business today.

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