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Get 30% More Revenue With The Perfect Newsletter.

Sending out a monthly newsletter is one of the most impactful digital marketing tools.

Get 30% more revenue within 12 months and stay on top of your client’s minds via emails so they can refer you to their friends, family & coworkers!

Not only will this help increase exposure for yourself but it’ll also build credibility with those that are looking for a service like yours.

If you don’t have any ideas on what to put in your newsletter, we’ve got you covered.

Top Stories:

  • Round-up of popular or recent blog posts or videos
  • New job openings
  • New case studies
  • Membership/customer deals and promotions
  • New best practices or tips
  • Industry news

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Additional Content:

  • Quotes
  • Recent survey results related to your industry
  • Internal employee news, including anniversaries, promotions, and birthdays
  • List the i.e. “Best tips to organize your bills” etc
  • A team spotlight with pictures and bios
  • Photos or stories customers have shared
  • Behind the scenes, or interviews with company executives
  • Monthly business recap
  • New training opportunities
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and answers
  • Upcoming webinars, or recordings of past webinars

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The general anatomy of a newsletter typically includes:

  • Your logo or masthead
  • A featured image and other eye-catching visuals
  • Top stories featured at the top
  • Additional content and promotions following
  • An email footer with social links and subscription information

There are a few best practices you can employ to ensure your design represents your business best:

  • Clean, crisp images (no blurry images)
  • Text (use same text & font throughout), company logo, and icons
  • Try filters, memes, or videos
  • Make the CTA (=call to action) clear and obvious — (i.e. “Click here to read” or “Click here to read”)
  • Mobile-responsive
  • Test the length of your newsletter to ensure it’s not too short or too long for your audience

Use this simple Newsletter template

If you have the time and excitement to design your own newsletters by all means use our template. We recommend using an email provider like Mailchimp, filling out the template, and either letting your marketing specialist create it for you or you design it yourself. Repeat the process monthly to keep the consistency going.

If creating Newsletters doesn’t seem like the best use of your time and does not make you feel excited, Webware.io has the perfect solution!

Our services include:


Our team helps you create regular email newsletters that share important information and key business highlights with your audience. Our team has helped hundreds of businesses create successful newsletters.


All of your newsletters and other email campaigns can be sent directly from Webware’s simplified email marketing platform, available right from your website dashboard.


Get regular email insights that show you how all emails are doing so you continually improve their performance. The added benefit of working with Webware means you have a team dedicated to making your campaigns a success as much as you are.

Book A Demo today and let’s grow your business together.


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