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How to Grow and Build your Email List

Email remains the highest-performing marketing channel. Social media, SEO, and online reviews are all designed to do one thing: drive people to your website where you’ll collect their email addresses and start building relationships.

The most popular ways to increase your email list:

  • Including email signup forms on your site: platforms and content management systems make it simple to add email signup forms to your website. You can add them to a sidebar, the footer, or as an exit intent pop-up.
  • Using social media to encourage signups: social media is big. Instagram has the highest median engagement rate at 1.6%. That’s with over one billion users every month—and 90% of them are following businesses already. Use social media to promote new products or valuable content.
  • Create helpful guides, webinars, and cheatsheets and offer them on your website, for people to be able to access them ask for their names & email address.
  • Encourage subscribers to forward your emails

=> Whenever someone visits your website or social media, ask them to sign up for your newsletter.

It’s a good idea to invest in a platform that helps you manage your list. The right tools can help you incorporate email personalization and segmentation, plus automate your email and social media campaigns.

At webware.io we offer an extensive email marketing platform to store your contacts, tag them and even create newsletters for you.

Different segments for your email lists:

  1. Different buyer personas
  2. Loyal customers
  3. Hot leads
  4. Cold leads
  5. New clients
  6. Clients that haven’t worked with you in a long time
  7. Demographics
  8. Geographic area
  9. Amount spend
  10. Personal interest

Create content that relates to the segment you choose, if someone is a loyal customer, create a referral program or offer a special deal as a “thank you”.

The more segmented you are the higher the response rate. This is key for engagement and less un-subscribers.

Email marketing can be a powerful tool, the open rate currently resides at about 21% which is pretty high.

Email marketing software like Webware.io will provide valuable statistics like open rates, bounce rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates you can use to improve performance.

Need help setting up your email list and sending out content?

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